A complete Spartan Warrior’s costume from the epic “300”, based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller.

This costume was used in the high action battle scenes in the film and features prop made battle scars on the costume items and props; the costume pieces have ‘gashes’ and prop blood splatters, the shield has spear induced divots from the Persian arrows, the cape’s is tatty and is coloured as though worn and sun-bleached. The costume consists of a leather codpiece, material cape (which is fitted with leather straps to hold it in place), hard rubber helmet, leather sandals, rubber grieves and gauntlets and vac-formed plastic shield (which has leather bound handles on the inside, measures approximately 88cm (34.5”)). The costume also comes with a stunt sword in a leather scabbard, the sword is made of hard rubber for safety whilst filming, also included is a large spear, measures approximately 240cm (94.5”) – Please ask for a shipping quote before ordering.

The costume comes with official paperwork and documentation from Warner Bros. Studios confirming the provenance.

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